Zoho’s Journey through time


AdventNet Inc. was born. It all began with Network Management.


AdventNet Inc. made its international presence known in June 2001 by expanding official operations in Japan. It was the booming Japanese market that led to this expansion.


Zoho Writer
It was in the month of October that Zoho added itself to the bandwagon of cloud applications by launching its first cloud business app - Zoho Writer.

Zoho CRM
November 2005 saw one more big release--Zoho CRM--Zoho's best-selling application.


Zoho Sheet
Zoho Sheet was launched in the month of February with a focus to offer more value to the enterprise market.

Zoho Show
Zoho Show, an online presentation tool, was released in June 2006.

Zoho Projects
We launched Zoho Projects which has evolved into a comprehensive project management system. Today, it is used by individuals working on their own, managers in charge of thousands, and everyone else in between.


Zoho Meeting
We launched Zoho Meeting, an online meeting and collaboration tool, in March.

Zoho Creator
Zoho Creator, our most powerful application, launched in June 2007. Today we have close to 100, 000 apps built using this custom-application builder.

Zoho Docs
In 2007, we entered the world of document management. Zoho Docs was built with an aim to help businesses go paperless and build a digital workplace for effective collaboration.


Zoho Invoice
The invoicing app of our suite of business apps, Zoho Invoice, was developed to help invoice generation easy for online businesses.

Zoho People
Zoho People, a single platform to organize, automate and simplify HR processes, was launched in March 2008.

Zoho Mail
n October 2008, we extended our boundaries into e-mail services. Zoho Mail is known for its clean, clutter-free and ad-free environment.

1 Million
We reached our first, biggest milestone of a 1 million user-base in August 2008. Our customers recognized the true value of the applications we developed, having their businesses in mind.


We decided to rechristen AdventNet as Zoho Corporation in May 2009. Zoho Corporation became the umbrella company of three different divisions that cater to three different markets.

Zoho Assist
Zoho Assist was launched in September. It was built in an effort to offer a simple and straightforward remote support solution.

Zoho Reports
Zoho Reports, an application that has powerful reporting and analytics capabilities, was launched to help businesses make better sense of their data.

Zoho Recruit
In November 2009, Zoho Recruit joined the Zoho bandwagon as a single platform to manage resumes, candidates, clients and client contacts. It benefits Recruiters, Staffing Agencies (,) and Corporate HRs by reducing recruitment processing time.


Zoho Support
Businesses that closed deals using Zoho CRM needed an app to help their customers thereafter. Thus Zoho Support was born in November 2010. It has since grown to be a versatile customer service application behind thousands of businesses worldwide.


Zoho Books
We ventured into the world of cloud accounting and released Zoho Books: an online accounting software that helps business owners make smart business decisions.

Zoho Bug Tracker
Due to popular demand, the issue-tracking feature of Zoho Projects was launched as a stand-alone app called Zoho Bug Tracker.


Zoho Campaigns
Developing a social and email marketing software product seemed to be a logical step for us. We launched our email marketing functionality with Zoho Campaigns.

Zoho Sites
With the rise of websites, we launched Zoho Sites: a tool designed to simplify website creation, including mobile websites.

In March, our first day-long user conference, dubbed Zoholics, was arranged in the USA. This conference was introduced to help Zoho customers explore our applications and learn how to get the best out of our suite.
www. zoholics.com


Zoho Connect
With a big boom and shift in the enterprise collaboration sector, we launched our social networking app: Zoho Connect.

Zoho Survey
The survey-building app, Zoho Survey, was launched to cater to the growing survey market.

Zoho Vault
The necessity to keep passwords safe led to the launch of a new password-managing app: Zoho Vault.

Zoho ContactManager
As the world became a smaller place, Zoho saw the need for an effective contact management & collaboration app. Thus, Zoho ContactManager was launched."


Zoho Subscriptions
With over 13 Million users, Zoho is one of the largest subscription businesses. We leveraged that experience while crafting Zoho Subscriptions: a recurring billing app for businesses.

Zoho SalesIQ
Zoho SalesIQ was released as a real-time sales intelligence platform to track your website visitors, engage your website visitors (,) and close deals faster.


Zoho Social
We've always believed that social media should be an integral part of marketing and not something businesses should do in isolation. With that belief, we launched Zoho Social in February 2015 to help growing businesses build their social media presence with real-time monitoring and actionable insights.

Zoho Expense
As a new and strong addition to our Finance suite, Zoho Expense automates recording of expenses from receipts and makes the expense reporting process effortless.

Zoho ShowTime
ShowTime is an innovative web and mobile app that brings interactivity into your day to day presentations by connecting speakers with audiences.

Zoho Forms
An online tool to build, share and submit forms - on the web and mobile. Zoho Forms simplifies data collection and improves team collaboration.

15 Million
From 13 million users in 2014, we have reached a 15 million mark this year. This growth is a significant milestone and we are indeed glad that our customers love our software.