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Slash your 'IT' spend & increase productivity

With the help of SERCAA it's time to get your business in the cloud and plan how to leverage this incredible infrastructure to deliver greater profits using CRM tools.

Using the Zoho platform SERCAA brings 'Simplicity', 'Value for Money',  'Return on Investment' and 'Innovation' to your business.

Keep 'IT' simple

The Cloud will change people and the things they do.  This is why we develop increasingly reliable, easy-to-use and intuitive businesse solutions.  The key to success of any Cloud deployment is simplicity and user adoption.

SERCAA specialise in planning the transition of your customer sales and support processes to the Cloud. 

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is used to plan, schedule and control the presales and postsales activities in a business. CRM covers all aspects of dealing with prospects and customers, including the call center, sales force, marketing, technical support and field service. The primary goal of CRM is to improve long-term growth and profitability through a better understanding of customer behaviour.